The way you think and feel about MONEY...makes all the difference!
MONEY...Is the Root of all...
Why would you allow something into your life you believe is evil?
Learn how to change limiting beliefs around money to allow more into your life.
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I want to upgrade my current MONEY MINDSET!
Dr. Joe has broken it down into an easy to learn and easy to implement Money Attraction System. 


For Re-tooling Your Money Mindset from Dr. Joe Vitale

PLUS, each of the 7 Steps has a set of Action Plans that you can use to kick you Money Attraction Skills into OVERDRIVE!

Don't think it matters...How's that working for ya?
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Make Friends with Money...

Most people hate having to deal with money. Wouldn't it be cool if you were friends with money? If it wanted to come hang out with you more often...and bring it's friends?

Understand What Money Is...

...and what it isn't. Money doesn't care about you. But how you care and feel about about money is the key. When you come to realize that money is only a form of appreciation and gratutude, an exchange of value, the way you care for money will change.

Create Your New Money Beliefs

When you believe different things and feel differently about money, you'll have different result around money...It's as simple as that.

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